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Aerosol dilution and sampling

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Aerosol dilution and sampling
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Rectangular isokinetic sampling probe SYS529
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Rectangular isokinetic sampling probe SYS529
Rectangular isokinetic sampling probe SYS 529 15 mm x 80 mm (0.45 m/s) outlet diameter 8 mm.

Because of isokinetic sampling requirements this has been the shape preferred for many years but now more and more users are switching over to rectangular shaped sampling probes because of the advantages they offer compared with circular inlets. Topas probes are manufactured with rectangular inlets on front of a smooth transition into a cylindrical tube. The design of this special probe is based on international draft standard ISO CD 14644 which specifies a maximum width to length ratio of 1:6. The Topas manufacturing process guarantees high-quality, smooth internal surfaces throughout the probe including all transition regions which minimises particle losses. Tubing port 8 mm diameter ; Materials Aluminium coated and polished, stainless steel polished ; Design Complies with ISO CD 14644-3 (1998) ; Cap Synthetic material, tightly fitting, with connecting arm for HEPA-Filter Length 130 mm (overall length of 235 mm tubing port) ; 170 g ; Average air velocity at sampling flow rate of 1cfm (28.3lpm) 0.45 m/s ; Inlet cross section 1200 mm2 ; Inlet Dimensions 15 mm x 80 mm. Other dimensions on request. Shipped with 5 meters of antistatic tubing. This item is always on stock.

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Diluter calibration
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Diluter calibration
Verification and calibration of a DIL diluter.

Complete check up and recalibration if a DIL diluter following the same procedures as those used when the diluter was manufactured. Just pack your unit carefully, do not include power supply nor cable and ship to TOPAS Gmbh, attn : T. Burghelt, Gasanstaltstrasse 47, 01237 Dresden, Allemagne, tel : 49 351 2166430.

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